FAQ for local guides

How do I become a Hi,hi Guide?

It's easy to become a Hi,hi Guide. Follow these steps to sign up:

  • Create an account
  • Fill in your Hi,hi Guide profile
  • Create your very own tours and tips
  • Get bookings and host your first tour

  • Become a Hi,hi Guide now!

    What if my city is not available?

    Step by step we’re expanding our services across the world. Is your city not yet available on our platform? Send a destination request to [email protected] and get a notification when your city is added!

    What is a video call with a local?

    A video call with a local (with you) is a convenient way for travelers to prepare for their next trip.

    Before the video call starts, travelers will share their interests and questions about the city. During the video call you will share your local knowledge, give practical tips and answer all their questions. Afterwards, you can upload your notes in the Hi,hi Guide portal.

    Interested in hosting video calls? Become a Hi,hi Guide to host video calls

    How do I host video calls?

    Follow these steps to host video calls:

  • Sign up and create your account
  • Create a Hi,hi Guide profile
  • Get bookings and host your first video call

  • Become a Hi,hi Guide to host video calls!

    What is a tailor-made tour?

    A tailor-made tour is for travelers who want to customize their tour. They will share their preferences in a request and based on that information, you will tailor a tour for them.

    How do I get bookings?

    You receive requests which you can accept or decline depending on your availability.

    You can be booked for the following services:

    • Video call with a local (only if you selected this option in your profile)
    • Your published tour(s) at our platform.
    • Tailor-made tour.

    Interested in how you can get more bookings? Reach to us via WhatsApp to get advice on increasing your visibility on the platform.

    When do I get the contact details of the traveler?

    After the traveler has completed the booking with a successful payment, we will share the contact details of the traveler and he/she will receive yours.

    Make sure to get in touch and discuss the last details of your tour. The preferred communication methods include WhatsApp and email.

    How and when do I receive my earnings?

    You will receive your earnings either through IBAN bank transfer (only within Europe SEPA countries) or PayPal (Worldwide) 48 hours after the tour. No transaction costs will be charged for bank transfers. In some cases, PayPal charges a transaction fee. These will be on your behalf.

    Do I have to pay income taxes?

    When you generate income via Hi,hi Guide, it is likely you will have to pay income tax. However, tax regulations differ from country to country. We advise you to check with you local tax authorities to which tax laws you have to comply.

    How do I delete my Hi,hi Guide account?

    If you want to permanently delete your account, please send us an email at [email protected].

    We will delete your personal data. It won’t be possible to log in afterwards.

    If it's not too much to ask, please let us know what went wrong or what we could have done better.

    Can't find the your question?

    We're always happy to help. Ask your question(s) through the button below and our support will answer all you questions!