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I'm proud to be part of the Hi,hi Guide Influencer Program, it's always a fantastic experience collaborating with their team, and it's great to be able to connect my audience directly with local guides for authentic experiences, and earn a commission while doing so. Everyone's happy and everyone wins! I love the Hi,hi Guide mission, and their team are so friendly and fantastic to partner with.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have more questions, contact us via email or WhatsApp

How do I sign up for the Hi,hi Guide influencer program?

Signing up for the Hi,hi Guide influencer program is easy and free of charge. Follow these steps to sign up:

  • Sign up and create your Hi,hi Guide account
  • Create your tracking link
  • Start sharing and promote our services

  • Sign up now!

    How does the Hi,hi Guide influencer program work?

    The Hi,hi Guide influencer program allows you to introduce Hi,hi Guide to your fans and followers and earn money with it. Connect them with our locals and earn 10% commission per booking made.

    Where do I share my link?

    There are multiple ways to share your link. Examples:

    • Introduce Hi,hi Guide on your social media through posts or stories
    • Paste the link in your Instagram bio
    • Include Hi,hi Guide in one of your blogs, such as travel tips blogs, destination blogs or a dedicated blog about Hi,hi Guide

    In case you need some content inspiration, we have created banners, blogs and images for you to share! You can find it in this Dropbox folder.

    You are always free to get creative yourself. If you would like to discuss any ideas, please get in touch with us via WhatsApp.

    What is a tracking cookie?

    Tracking cookies are text files that are stored on a user's device and enables us to track their activity on our website. By making use of tracking cookies, we can see the activity on your link.

    For example, one of your followers clicks on your link, a cookie is stored on his/her device which is directly related to your influencer link. The activity is tracked and when a booking is made, we know it was made through your link and that we need to thank you.

    What is the tracking cookie duration?

    The tracking cookie will be stored for a period of 90 days on the user's device. Bookings which are made during this 90 days will be assigned to you.

    How and when do I receive my earnings?

    We transfer your earnings every first week of the month. You receive your earnings either through IBAN bank transfer (only within Europe SEPA countries) or via PayPal (Worldwide). We only payout in euro's. Possible currency conversion fees are on your behalf.You can see the amount we transfer in your Influencer Dashboard.

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