Humans are awesome

Everyone is unique. Therefore, everyone is different. Different nationalities, cultures, genders, sexual preferences, beliefs and interests. Many people are afraid of differences. We embrace them.

When talking to others, sharing cultural values and exchanging ideas, it enriches you as a human being. A simple conversation can have a major impact on your life. We’re often biased by prejudice and ignorance, which can simply be overcome by a conversation.

Respect the difference. Be curious.

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20 years from now

Artificial Intelligence is and will be taking over a lot of human capacities. But there’s one thing that distinguishes humans from robots: Empathy. It’s our most precious asset.

In a world driven by technology and where algorithms push people into bubbles based on their (online) behavior, it is important that the world will not be divided. By connecting people, Hi,hi Guide connects and keeps connecting people to enable them to place themselves in another’s position and, by doing so, better understand the world.

Humans are awesome.