Terms and Conditions

Version 1.1: 11 April 2019

This website (including its content, software, related channels and other information presented on this website) is operated by Hi,hi Enterprises B.V. (hereinafter referred to as “Hi,hi Guide” or “we”). These Terms and Conditions inform you about the use of the Hi,hi Guide platform.

Hi,hi Guide is a platform that connects locals who like to share their advice and expertise with regard to a certain destination and travelers seeking for such local services. We function as an intermediary to bring supply and demand together. We are not a tour operator nor a travel agent, but an intermediary that facilitates the agreement between demand of travelers and supply of locals. Hi,hi Guide is in no respect party to that agreement.

Applicability of the Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all users of the website (hereinafter referred to as “users” or “you”), either using desktops or mobile devices. In addition, you are subjected to Hi,hi Guide’s Privacy Policy, presented in another document, but hereby incorporated by reference into these Terms and Conditions.

Hi,hi Guide unilaterally reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions every now and then. The version and date of revision are presented at the top of this document. We strive to announce revisions within a reasonable period before publishing the updated Terms and Conditions. The revisions take effect within a reasonable period after the revision is announced.

When accessing or using the website, you acknowledge to have read and understood, and thereby agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

No Warranties

We aim to run the website according to your expectation within a safe online environment. However, we do not provide any warranties with respect to the availability of the website, possible errors or defects occurring when using the website and possible viruses or other harmful software resulting from using the website.

We continually try to keep the content stated on the Website accurate, and we are unilaterally allowed to change the content stated on the Website anytime. However, we do not guarantee all content to be correct, complete, trustworthy, suitable or respectable, applying to both Hi,hi Guide provided content as third parties’ content presented on our website.

We may unilaterally block Visitors and Users from accessing the Website. If you find inaccurate or illicit content on Hi,hi Enterprises’ Website, please send an email to [email protected]


Users can visit our website without any restrictions. To make use of our services, users need to sign up for a Hi,hi Guide account. In order to sign up, you are required to be at least 18 years old. Also, personal information, such as name, email address, phone number, bank account information (credit card or debit card), must be provided truthfully. We care a lot about your personal data and take the protection of it very seriously. To find more details about how we treat your personal data, see Privacy Policy

In case of inaccurate or incomplete information, we are allowed to block your account from access to our website.

You are responsible for all actions conducted on the website. Also, you are responsible for securing your password at all times.

Terms of use for locals

When creating a Hi,hi Guide profile, locals must comply to filling in the required information truthfully and in line with the abovementioned registration terms.

The following content is strictly forbidden:

  • Content propagating discrimination, racism, violence or pornography.
  • Content promoting companies, websites or third parties not related to Hi,hi Guide.
  • References to personal contact information including email addresses, phone number, social media accounts (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms serving as social medium), instant messaging application accounts (such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram) and all other communication applications allowing travelers to contact a locals before a booking’s payment is fulfilled.
  • Third party content protected by intellectual property rights.

Locals decide the hourly rate they want to earn, between €10 and €40. Our commission is 20% of the booking amount. The hourly rates entered by locals is the amount from which our commission is already deducted. Example: when locals enter an hourly rate of €10, travelers pay €12,50 per hour. The earnings of the local account €10 and our commission accounts 20%*€12,50=€2,50.

When making use of our services, locals must reply to travelers’ requests truthfully at all times.

In case of noncompliance of the abovementioned terms, we will block your account from using the website.

Locals receive their earnings 2 days after completing the trip. You are responsible to provide us with the correct bank account or PayPal account information. PayPal may charge transaction costs in some cases. These costs will be on your behalf.

Terms of use for travelers

When making use of our services, travelers must fill in their request and booking information truthfully.

Payments proceed by creditcard, which are processed by our payment service provider, Stripe Inc.

Limited Liability

We do the best we can to make your Hi,hi Guide experience a valuable memory. However, we cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Hi,hi Guide shall not be liable for damages to its users, including travelers, locals and website visitors, caused by:

  • Inaccurate communication between travelers and locals before, during or after the trip.
  • Incorrect information on the website provided by locals or third parties.
  • Activities performed, by either travelers or locals, during the trip, injuries, loss, theft.
  • Any force majeure event.

In the event of illegal or criminal activities performed by either travelers or locals, we will fully cooperate with the local authorities.

Hi,hi Guide cannot be held liable for conflicts between travelers and locals arisen before, during or after a trip. Hi,hi Guide shall not take any part in the resolution of such conflicts.

Locals are fully responsible for filing their tax declarations in accordance with the tax laws applicable at their country.


When the traveler cancels:

  • If a traveler cancels within 3 days before the date of the tour, the paid amount will not be refunded. The local guide will be fully compensated for blocking his/her agenda.
  • If a traveler cancels more than 3 days before the date of the tour, the paid amount will be refunded (excluding transaction fees). In this case, the local guide will not be compensated.

When the local guide cancels:

  • If the local guide cancels, the paid amount will always be refunded to travelers.

After a local guide has cancelled a tour, we will always contact to find out what went wrong. We are allowed to unilaterally block his/her account from access to our website.

If the local guide does not show up at the tour:

  • If the local guide does not show up, you should let us know within 48 hours after the start time of your tour as locals are automatically paid after 48 hours. After you have notified us, the paid amount will be refunded. Locals who do not show up will always be removed from the platform.