FAQ for travelers

How do I book a Hi,hi Guide?

You have 3 options to book a Hi,hi Guide.

What is a video call with a local?

A video call with a local is the most convenient way to prepare for your next trip. Our locals provide you with recommendations based on your interests and preferences.

After the call you will have a personalized to do list with places and activities you otherwise would not have found, from authentic restaurants to the hippest neighborhoods.

How to book a video call?

  • Select a city and share your interests
  • Choose a local with matching interests
  • Complete the payment
  • Start your video call!

  • Book your video call now!

    What is a tailor-made tour?

    A tailor-made tour is for travelers want to customize a tour to their needs. Let us know what your preferences are and our locals will tailor a tour for you. Anything is possible!

    How it works?

  • Select a city
  • Send a request with your preferences
  • Receive a tailor-made tour offer
  • Complete the payment
  • Start your tour!

  • Request your tailor-made tour now!

    Is every Hi,hi Guide tour private?

    Yes. To guarantee a personal and intimate experience for travelers, every tour is 100% private.

    Also, you don’t depend on other travelers and their preferences. Your flexibility allows you to change the itinerary at any time (even during the tour itself). Do you want to take a short coffee break? Go ahead, it’s your tour!

    Our aim is that personal and private will become the new normal. Say bye,bye to the times of generic tours where you and 10+ others follow a flag.

    When do I get the contact details of my local guide?

    After you’ve completed your booking with a successful payment, we will share the contact details of your local guide and he/she will receive yours.

    You can now get excited about your trip and discuss the last details with your local guide. The preferred communication methods of our locals include WhatsApp or email.

    Which payment methods does Hi,hi Guide accept?

    In cooperation with our payment service provider Stripe Inc. we support the following payment methods:

    • Creditcard payments by VISA, Mastercard, American Express

    In the near future, we will add:
    • iDeal
    • PayPal
    • ApplePay

    You can find detailed information on how Stripe Inc. processes your payment in their Terms and Conditions.

    How do I delete my Hi,hi Guide account?

    We're sad to see you go. Please send us an email at [email protected] if you want to delete your account.

    When we delete your account, all personal data will be removed and it won’t be possible to log in anymore.

    If it's not too much to ask, please share the reason why you would like to delete your account. We always appreciate feedback and tips to improve our platform.

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