About Hi,hi Guide

The impact of a conversation

Many conflicts in the world find their cause in prejudice, ignorance and misunderstanding.

This can be overcome with a simple thing: a conversation.

When people start talking to each other and learn about each other’s cultures, people will also better understand each other.

We are here to connect people. Just say Hi,hi!

Explore with Hi,hi Guide


Private tour with a local

Tours created by locals or custom tours created together.


Video call with a local

Pre-trip advice video call with a local expert.

What makes Hi,hi Guide different

Community of 3000+ locals

Get in touch with locals in more than 100 destinations. They’re all personally onboarded by the Hi,hi Guide team.

Everywhere a friend

Experience your trip as if a friend is showing you around. Browse through our locals and match with a like-minded local.

Private & personal

Enjoy private experiences with just you and your local guide. Locals tailor your tour based on your personal wishes.