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About me

I'm Valdemar, a 42 years old Madeira island native. I was born in Funchal, but my roots are in the west and east of the island, where my grandparents are from. For 18 years, I have worked in a store. Getting in contact with people, knowing their stories, was the best part of it and enriched giving me social skills.

In my free time, this island was my breakout. 7 years ago, my breakout became a full-time occupation and I swapped a store for an outdoor office and started delivering tours. First with motorcycles, then minibus and jeeps.

Since then, my passion for this island got bigger. The satisfaction and smiling faces of my guests were the cherries on top. Right away I felt this was what i wanted to do the rest of my life.

I am passionate, enthusiastic, flexible, engaged, emphatic with good communication abilities.
See you soon!

Lives in: Funchal

Speaks: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese

  • Music

  • Photography

  • Biology

  • Data science

  • History

  • BBQ

  • Coffee

  • Cooking

  • Wine

  • Mindfulness

  • Sustainability

  • Technology

  • Tattoo

  • Camping

  • Hiking

  • Scuba diving

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Running

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