How it works

How to book a local guide?


Find a local guide

Select a city and find a local you like.


Check availability

Send a request and get a personalized tour plan.


Experience the true city

Explore unique local places with an awesome local.

Why Hi,hi Guide?

The best things come from those who know their city best: the locals!

Need more information?

See all details and procedures at our FAQ or contact us at [email protected]

How to become a local guide?


Create a Hi,hi Guide profile!

Sign up and create an awesome profile. Tell travelers who you are, what your interests are and what kind of tour(s) you have to offer!


Wait for us to screen your profile

To guarantee a level of awesomeness of our locals, we would like to get to know you a bit better before approving your profile. We screen your profile and an 10 minutes onboarding call will be scheduled.


Reply to availability requests*

Travelers will ask you for your availability. Share if you are available and arrange a tailor-made tour.


Get bookings!

Make sure to get in touch with the traveler within 24 hours after the booking is completed. Set a meeting point and make futher arrangements for the tour. 48 hours after the tour, your earnings will be transferred.


Share your awesome stories

Let travelers experience your city like never before. Share your exciting stories and show the unique places you love.

*Travelers can also request more locals at once. Make sure to send an awesome tour offer, as more locals are in the race of becoming the travlers' favorite local guide.

Why become a local guide?

Anyone can become a local guide. Show travelers around your city and earn some extra money!

Need more information?

See all details and procedures at our FAQ or contact us at [email protected]